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Coaching Services

Up to two riders are permitted per individual lessons plans

More than two riders for each session will be an additional $50 per person up to five riders

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Intro to MTB by PMBIA
(Professional Moutain Bike Instructors Association)

  • 4X 1.5 Hour sessions (venue discussed prior to coaching)

  • Recommended for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals and safety for mountain biking on trails

  • This course will cover all the skills introduced in the level one PMBIA

  • Body positioning (climbing and descending), braking, shifting, cornering,

  • Essential maneuvering skills on the trail (front tire lift, rear tire lift, both tire lift)

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Intermediate Course

  • 3X 1.5 Hours

  • Some skill and knowledge prior to lesson

  • Covers essentials in PMBIA level one

  • Body positioning, shifting, and braking condensed into one lesson

  • Cornering 

  • Essential maneuvering skills on the trail

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Advanced Course

  • 2X 1.5 Hours

  • Basic skills and knowledge are there, more focusing on the breakdown, or practice of certain skills

  • Will cover the essentials for progressing on the bike

  • Will work on skill that is discussed with the customer for the two sessions

  • This lesson is smaller to allow for more time focusing on specific skills rather than all of them

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